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           Актриса или мама?
Быть мамой - это самая тяжелая работа в мире, но и самая благодатная в то же время. Марси Уолкер, та самая Лайза из сериала "Все мои дети" которой материнство чуждо как никому, посвящает нас в тонкости сочетания семьи и работы в жизни актрисы.

 Ее персонаж, Лайза, как никто далека от семейных ценностей и материнства. Но как только рабочий день заканчивается, Марси покидает студию и становится любящей мамой восьмилетнего сына Тейлора.

 Читать дальше               
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 One rule about kissing

Some guys are lucky enough to have one beautiful blonde in their lives, but Billy Warlock (Frankie) is blessed with two! # 1 is Marcy Walker. Santa Barbara's hot leading lady and his real-life wife of 18 months. #2 is Melissa Brennan, the popular ingenue, who plays his love interest (Jennifer) on Days of Our Lives.


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Hawaii shoot

It's The Ultimate Cliff-Hanger As Cruz Fights to save Eden's soul in Hawaii. Most people go to Hawaii to honeymoon; but danger - not love - was on the agenda when Santa Barbara set up shop there. For the climax of the Eden/Lisa/Suzanne triple personality storyline, Santa Barbara decided to treat viewers to a dramatic, sweeping location shoot on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai. 

Articles (en) | Views: 1878 | Added by: Arina | Date: 06.09.2008

Daytime newest mommy (1989)


- Tell us a little about Stephen Collins...

Marcy: He's a really great guy, a wonderful man. He reminds me a lot of my father. My father is somebody I really respect. He's like my father in that he has a great sense of dealing with people.  

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