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Main » 2013 » January » 4 » Dancing

This was a blast to see again. I probably haven't seen it since the day it was first broadcast in the States. We had so much fun putting it together, even though it was always hard to find the time to learn stuff like this while we were also learning all the scenes we had to play during that week.

I remember that in the rehearsal room at NBC -- probably the day before we shot the sequence -- there was one pass at the dance where Marcy ended up hitting the floor on one of the "death drops." We were deep into the rehearsal, and our skin was probably a little moist, and one time the "catch" of our hands didn't hold. She was shocked, of course, and I was mortified, since even one time is one time too many for a mistake like that. She was okay, though, and she forgave me, and we were really pumped at the end of the actual shooting. So much fun.

One thing this dance took from our first, breakthrough dance at Kelly's wedding, was the idea of Eden putting her body on Cruz's back. It speaks again to her power, and we loved to illustrate that whenever we had the chance.
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