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Main » 2013 » January » 4 » Engagement
Engagement (1985)

How beautiful is Marcy Walker?  She's exquisite, and in so deep a way.

I'm reminded of the great good fortune it was, to have been cast together as these characters.  We have a similar method of approaching the tasks of acting, Marcy and I, and that similarity made it possible for us to build an early trust with one another.  (This scene was early in our journey.)  That trust would grow over time, finally allowing us to become much more free and open in the playing than we might have been in the company of anyone else.  (She was the person who first provoked me to truly laugh in front of a camera.  Truly laugh, as in up from a genuinely joyful place in my soul.) 

What strikes me about this passage in the meadow is that it illustrates the confidence and power of Eden -- reversing the traditional roles of a man and a woman in the moment of proposal -- and also the confidence and power of Cruz in not only accepting the reversal, but enjoying it without hesitation.  Mostly it illustrates that each of these people is just flat-out stoked to have captured the heart of the other.
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