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Actors' performances are rarely given that description. But there was something about Walker's santa Barbara character, Eden. Like the actress who portrayed her, Eden won viewers over her beauty, sexiness and honesty.
Marcy Walker, her former co-star, A Martinez, and anyone who followed Cruz and Eden's story knew that there was something special about the scenes.
Articles (en) | Views: 2141 | Added by: Arina | Date: 28.11.2008

SB's rape scene
Very often, we commend Santa Barbara for being one of the hippest, wittiest and most amusing soaps on the air. But it's not all fun and games. Recently, SB aired a scene in which Eden Castillo was brutally raped. In fact, the scene was so grisly, so realistically depicted, it left viewers numb. Taping the episode was not easy for either Marcy Walker, who portrays Eden, or anyone else involved.
Articles (en) | Views: 2341 | Added by: Arina | Date: 27.11.2008

A few words about Marcy (2008)

A Martinez (Cruz) joined the TV-series One life to live, and in his interview he was asked about Santa Barbara and his relationships with Marcy. Enjoy the extract of this interview!  
- When I did “Santa Barbara" I played Cruz for more than 1600 times. He took on weight in my emotional life that was shocking when he was gone. I had no idea for what it would feel like to say, “Goodbye” to that guy.
Articles (en) | Views: 2534 | Added by: Arina | Date: 09.10.2008

Daytime newest mommy (1989)


- Tell us a little about Stephen Collins...

Marcy: He's a really great guy, a wonderful man. He reminds me a lot of my father. My father is somebody I really respect. He's like my father in that he has a great sense of dealing with people.  

Articles (en) | Views: 1093 | Added by: Arina | Date: 22.09.2008

At home with Marcy Walker

Marcy lives in a darling little home with a small white picket fence out front and her smile when she opens the door even though you are fifteen minutes late, is overwhelming. Somehow I'd had the impression from the roles she plays that Marcy would be a little aloof. that couldn't be further from the truth.

Marcy graciously gave us a tour of her home.

Articles (en) | Views: 4070 | Added by: Arina | Date: 09.09.2008

Hawaii shoot

It's The Ultimate Cliff-Hanger As Cruz Fights to save Eden's soul in Hawaii. Most people go to Hawaii to honeymoon; but danger - not love - was on the agenda when Santa Barbara set up shop there. For the climax of the Eden/Lisa/Suzanne triple personality storyline, Santa Barbara decided to treat viewers to a dramatic, sweeping location shoot on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai. 

Articles (en) | Views: 1878 | Added by: Arina | Date: 06.09.2008

Marcy at Lake Forest Church
Tidings of great joy
The latest interview
   Marcy's interview for French TV (2009)



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