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Eden's last day
NBC studios at Burbank: Inside the cavernous sound stages, somebody's singing "Dedicated to the One I love." It's freezing cold. Coffee poured from orange-handled pots fills holes in the cold tummies of dedicated Santa Barbara stars.
They also seem to be doing some weird dance. "It's shuffling," says beautiful Marcy Walker, stunning even at this hour. "The actors' shuffle." Marcy shows us how to move back and forth to keep warm while the crew are "lining up" a shot. It's an intricate move, which involves folding thumbs into palms of hands to "keep the body-heat in," she assures us.
Articles (en) | Views: 974 | Added by: Arina | Date: 25.08.2008

Have suitcase, will travel

 Marcy WALKER was barely out of high school when she earned a permanent place in Pine Valley history as AMC's preeminent teenage bitch, Liza Colby. As the angst-driven Liza, WALKER had the devious pleasure of trampling nearly every female obstacle in her path : She once tortured good girl Jenny Gardner at the prom by purposefully revealing that Jenny's father did prison time for raping Ruth Martin !
More  ...               
Articles (en) | Views: 1095 | Added by: Arina | Date: 13.08.2008

From soaps to serving God
The new director of children's ministries at Lake Forest Community Church in Cornelius has recovered from the brain tumor that made her so paranoid she pushed someone out a window.
She's through with the power-hungry older man she married and divorced three times. She was so mad during Marriage No. 3, she had an affair, got pregnant, got caught cheating and miscarried after a shoving match with her husband at his mansion.
Articles (en) | Views: 2643 | Added by: Arina | Date: 22.07.2008

Back to the Future
"I feel rewarded," declares All My Children's Marcy Walker about her triumphant return to Pine Valley. "I feel like somebody has given me wings. I am allowed to go and just have fun again." Sadly, "fun" eluded Walker during her less-than-spectacular pit stop at Guiding Light from 1993-95. The talented actress, who garnered an Emmy in 1987 as Santa Barbara's Eden Capwell and tried her hand at prime-time, headed to Springfield to create the role of Tangie Hill at the invitation of former GL executive producer and friend Jill Farren Phelps.
Articles (en) | Views: 1149 | Added by: arybenna | Date: 15.06.2008

Why Marcy Walker Kept Her Wedding A Secret
In June when Marcy Walker left for a week long stay in Bermuda, her All My Children castmates assumed it was just a vacation. They had no idea that Marcy, who plays Liza Colby, was celebrating her marriage to actor/musician Stephen Ferris. Stephen and Marcy married on June 14th with only two close friends (whom they swore to secrecy) as witnesses. "We're very private people," explains Marcy. "Getting married is a very personal thing and we didn't want anyone to know. We planned it for four months so it wasn't an elopment."
Articles (en) | Views: 1067 | Added by: arybenna | Date: 15.06.2008

"Torn Between Two Loves"
Marcy WALKER isn't home each afternoon to rustle up a batch of chocolate-chip cookies for her 8-year-old son, Taylor. Neither is she about to play homeroom mother any time soon. Her job, playing Liza Colby, the most ambitious TV executive this side of Faye Dunaway's character in Network, keeps her from turning into June Cleaver. But her daytime job isn't about to keep her from being a good parent.
"There's more that I'd like to do, but I can't, because I'm in this conundrum of scheduling", she says.
Articles (en) | Views: 1026 | Added by: arybenna | Date: 14.06.2008

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