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The letters to Marcy

From Ann (Latvia)
Hello Dear Marcy & A!!!!!!!!
My name is Ann. I'm 23 years old. I live in Latvija.I'm married for 6 years. And i have twin sister.
I'm very glad to have an opportunity to write a letter for You!!!!
I know You from my favourite Santa Barbara!!!
   I saw Santa Barbara for the first time on Russian TV ( translators who spoke in Russian language also had perfect voices to speak instead of English speach) when i was small. My mother,sister started to watch it. I think that Santa Barbara is very professionally made moview. And all the actors played their roles so, that actors made us to believe that everything is true!!! I love all couples, all actors, but my favourite couple is Eden & Cruz (Also i liked scenes with Robert Barr). I loved them all this years.
I remember when A visited Latvija ( if i'm right,it was 1995). I wanted to go to the concert, but didn't ask mother to buy tickets. That's why i didn't go. I was very very sad. I'm sad even now,that i wasn't at the concert!:)Unfortunately i didn't see other movies with Marcy & A!!!!One day my sister and mother told me,that they saw a moview with A(with a killer)!And i wasn't at home,that's why i didn't see the moview!Again i was very sad!:)
   I remember when i bought a computer five years ago.What do you think i started to do in the Internet?I started to search pictures of Marcy and A!!!I have found a lot of pictures!5 folders!
But in october of 2007 i found such nice site as where i found a lot of information, a lot of pictures, a lot of great songs (such as "Shelter from the storm", and "All my life ")and even video of Santa Barbara!!!I was very happy!!!:)Also i found a lot of very good videos from Santa Barbara,a lot of interviews in!!!! When i found these sites,i understood that people all over the world love Santa Barbara, Marcy & A and others actors!!!!!:)))
   A little bit about myself. I study at university (English language).English helps me to understand all the information what i find about You, or when i watch some videos in English about Santa Barbara!!!!:) And of course i need it at work.
I have two big dogs. Each week i go to train them. I like to spend my time with them and prepare them for exams or for competitions- where they should show their intellect!:)
I also have been to many places - at Christian camps as a camper, and later as a helper. Now i don't have such possibility, because i work and don't have vacations during summer. Maybe this summer i will be more successfull.
 I understand that You probably are already tired of people who love Santa Barbara. But anyway, i hope that You will look at this site , see all the information, all videos and our letters with pictures!:)
Thank You very much for Your great work, for sites, for pictures - which are on the Internet. More than 20 years ago You started to play on Santa Barbara, but everyone still loves it!!!!
 Ann.  Thank You!!!:) My email

From Vera (Russia)

Hello, Marcy! My name is Vera. I live in Russia, I am 28 years old. I want to express  the admiration and gratitude for your work (on the screen and in  life). I saw you only in a role of Eden, but it is enough to understand what an outstanding person you are. I have never seen and I do not know you in a real life, but I believe that only such strong and kind person  could play Eden. I do not idolize Cruz and Eden. They are simply an example of real love. For me, the storyline of Eden and Cruz  is a school of feelings, a school of building the relationships between the man and the woman. Eden is a strong and wise woman.  Difficulties didn't not break her, but only made her stronger. When something sad happens, I recollect Eden, and I think, how she would act in this or that situation.  Also I understand, that I cannot be weak, and I start  struggling. Marcy, you have made very important and simply great job, having played Eden. Moreover, you have helped many people to become stronger. I know, you are a strong woman and a loving mother.  I shall try to be like you and like my favorite heroine, Eden.  You are a very dear person to me. Thank you for your force and belief, that you gave me and for miracles, that happened with your help. Unfortunately, I do not have A's address to tell to him " THANKS FOR ALL " (thanks for CRUZ). I believe, that one day I'll meet my "Cruz". I wish you happiness to your family, son Taylor and husband Doug. God's blessings.

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