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Everything about Marcy Walker Smith
Birthday:   November 26  
From:  Kentucky
Eye Color:  Green
Height:   5'8  
Education:   Attended Antelope Valley High School, Lancaster CA
Marital Status:   Married her fourth husband, Doug Smith, on Dec. 11, 1999  

Children: Taylor Walker Collins (with ex-Stephen Collins) born in 1989


 Marcy Walker was born  on November 26, 1961 in Paducah, Kentucky, and grew up in Lancaster, California. Walker graduated from Antelope Valley High School in 1978 after only three years enrolled.

In 1981, she got her first soap job as Liza Colby on All My Children. After a successful three-year run (and two Outstanding Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy nominations, in 1983 and 1984), she decided to leave the show for other opportunities. She was replaced promptly with actress Alice Haining as Liza on the show.

Late in 1984, she created yet another popular soap role in the form of Eden Capwell on Santa Barbara. Her character, partnered with A Martinez's character, Cruz Castillo, became one of the show's flagship supercouples. She was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress Daytime Emmy awards in 1987 and 1988, with an Emmy win in 1989. She left the serial in 1991.

In 1993, she started playing the tailor-made role of Tangie Hill on Guiding Light. The character didn't catch on and she left in 1995 to make a comeback as Liza on All My Children. She was nominated for another Outstanding Lead Actress Daytime Emmy award in 2001.

 It was announced that Walker's contract would not be renewed when it expired in 2004. She taped the last of the episodes in her contract in the summer of 2004. Her farewell episode aired on September 28.

Liza's exit occurred amid rumor that Walker would return to the show on recurring status. This rumor was fueled by the fact that her exit was very open-ended. She was not killed off like some notable fan favorites like Jesse Hubbard (Darnell Williams) but rather assumed a new identity and took her daughter to live out of reach of her controlling ex-husband Adam Chandler (David Canary).

According to Soap Opera Digest magazine she was at first hesitant to go on recurring status due to the reasons mentioned prior in this article but later warmed to the idea. Liza made a phone call appearance in December 2004 and appeared again in January 2005 when her character assisted Babe Chandler (Alexa Havins) and Jamie Martin (Justin Bruening) in their attempt to flee from Adam's wraith.

 Walker has not been seen on-screen since these episodes aired. Headwriter Megan McTavish has spoken to the soap media and publicly thanked Walker for working without a contract but has also hinted that she does not intend for Liza to return to the show any time soon.

She has been married five times. She met her first husband when he was playing a band member in Jesse Hubbard's band on [All My Children,] and she is the mother to one son, Taylor, by her third husband. Her second marriage was to actor Billy Warlock. In a 1998 interview with Soap Opera Digest she explained the breakup in her own words : " "He thought I was somehow higher than him and I could never live it down. I couldn't jump off the pedestal. He was unhappy about everything and I couldn't be happy about anything. I think that Billy is fantastic and, in his heart, he's one of the nicest people that you'll ever meet. It's just that he hasn't been acknowledged a lot in his life and he needs -- and deserves -- a lot of everything. I was just not the person who was able to give it to him. Unfortunately, if you really love someone, you let them know when they're bad as well as when they're good. He needed as much positive reinforcement as he could get and never wanted to hear the negative. I learned that too late, I often played the devil's advocate, thinking I was helping by being honest". Walker has been married to Doug Smith since 1999, and now goes by the name Marcy Smith in her private life.

In early 2006, Walker announced she had left her acting career and embarked on a new calling as a children's minister in a North Carolina church.
The info was taken from "Wikipedia" site
Marcy at Lake Forest Church
Tidings of great joy
The latest interview
   Marcy's interview for French TV (2009)



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