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     Memorable Liza's quotes from AMC      

Liza:...Do you hold a five or six pancakes?
Liza:...Do me a favor...just get outta here...get yourself a Life!.....
Liza:....Shall I call my lawyer or my hairdresser?....
Liza:....nobody..tries to kill my husband but me! ! !
Liza:...Oh!...No!...ha ha....I'm teasing you!.....
Liza:....You are one step lower than pond scum!
Liza:...All right! The floor show is over! We can all go home now....
Liza:....You are the most disgusting excuse for a human being!
How do you live with yourself?
Liza:...She gets all crazy with the is her life.
Liza:...Excuse me....while I throw up!....
Liza:....I know you are, but what am I?....
Liza:....I hope you've amassed a great big fortune,to pay a big fat lawyer,
otherwise you're gonna end up in prison..with a 6 foot girlfriend named Bubba!...


                                   Taken from

Marcy at Lake Forest Church
Tidings of great joy
The latest interview
   Marcy's interview for French TV (2009)



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