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Marcy's interview for French TV (2009)

Marcy's interview for Croatian TV programme "Red carpet" (2008)
The Russian programme about SB actors in 20 years "Where they are now".
Extract dedicated to Marcy
Attention! 1. Unfortunately, the journalists have misrepresented some facts, but I translated the programme as it was.
2. Sorry for mistakes in English, the original script was not available. 
Journalist: A blond beauty, Eden Capwell survived a fire, a fall from the cliff, she went through kidnapping and raping. The directors forced her to overcome all the difficulties and even made her insane at the end of the soap. In real life actress Marcy Walker also had a lot of problems.
Marcy: When you play love daily on TV, it becomes difficult to feel anything in real life.
Journalist: It was one of her her last interview, after which she sold her house in California and headed to nowhere. Marcy: Some people call me "crazy" because I left acting career and high income and began working at church, though this job is low-paid. Journalist: The service at Lake Forest church is more like a rock opera than a Bible study. When a blond in black jumper appeared on the stage, we hardly recognised our "Eden". Marcy: Let's pray and thank God for the life and the possibily to thank him. Some of our visitors sometimes come to me and say that I am very alike their favourite soap character. "Aren't you Eden capwell?", they ask. You see, even now I frequently meet the people who don't understand how could I exchange life of a TV star to serving God, if it doesn't bring me much money. Journalist: But Marcy answered herself the question: "Is there life after Santa Barbara?" long ago. she left Holliwood and took her new calling as a direstor of the Children's ministry in a small town Huntersville. Marcy: God opened my heart for children. I liked acting a lot, but the life went on, and soon acting stopped bringing me joy. The way to God is the only way free from disappointment. Journalist: Do you know how SB ends? Marcy: I am not sure. I didn't trace the events after leaving this soap. Ask my husband. He watched this soap up to the end. Anyway I think that SB had a happy end.
The full version of this programme

Marcy at Lake Forest Church
Tidings of great joy
The latest interview
   Marcy's interview for French TV (2009)



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