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Narrator: Marcy Walker
Tidings of great joy (audiobook)
by Sandra Brown
Performed by Marcy Walker
Running time: 3 hours

Be swept away with Sandra Brown's spellbinding tale of holiday romance. Join Rita Lavender (love the name or what?) --- the last woman to be swept away by a seductive smile --- as she's charmed by the charismatic Taylor MacKensie. One night of passion, and eight weeks later Rita knows she is carrying Taylor's baby. What will happen to our formerly levelheaded heroine? Will she fall in love with her suitor? Will the passion turn to real love? Reader Marcy Walker brings this romantic tale to life.
To listen to this audio file you need the key :
Login: diozlt
Password: 1234qwer
Marcy at Lake Forest Church
Tidings of great joy
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   Marcy's interview for French TV (2009)



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