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Marcy today
Marcy Smith said she grew up in a home where religion played no part. It was during her years filming in New York that she began moving in another direction. She became active at Hope Evangelical Free Church in Wilton, Conn., teaching children in Sunday school, helping with vacation Bible school, starting to see another side to her life. She said they'd sometimes shoot soap scenes out of order so she could participate in Bible study.
 She prayed for God to come into her life and take it. She prayed for a new direction. She left "All My Children" in 2004.
 Having already risen to the job of director of children's ministry at her Connecticut church while continuing to act, she knew what she wanted to do full-time. Then she learned about an attractive job opening: A young, fast-growing congregation in north Mecklenburg with a heart for drawing people back to church was seeking someone to work with its children. She was hired from a field of 60 candidates.    

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May 2008


April 2008



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Marcy at Lake Forest Church
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   Marcy's interview for French TV (2009)



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